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IF YOU FIND A PARROT ('ownership'):

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Here's some good advice from our Lost and Found Co-ordinator, Potty's Mum

John Hayward (National Theft Register) told me that you should treat a found bird in just the same way as you would a found wallet.


Most people are honest and would want to return "lost property" of whatever nature to its rightful owner and with birds/animals in particular, get them to back to their proper home, rather than keep it as a freebie.


Having said that, I've come across some who fall into the latter category.


So, if you find a bird, report it to the police (you'd normally hand in a wallet but they wouldn't want a bird, lol), making sure to get an incident report number.


Then take all reasonable steps to trace the owner - notifying the NTR, the MPB (Missing Pets Bureau), advertising on here, contacting local papers, possibly advertising (but I don't think you are obliged to spend money!), contacting local Vets, etc. would all be seen as reasonable steps.


On the assumption that most owners would be desperately looking for their little lost one, you'd expect something to join up somewhere!


However, if that doesn't happen then, after 28 days, you've had no joy in finding the owner, you'll have the beginning of a legal claim over the found property.


Obviously by this time, as others have found, the bird will have bonded with you and made friends with your flock.


If the owner does eventually come forward then, in order to recover their property, they would have to make a pretty convincing case about what went wrong.


Besides reuniting families, the important thing for any well-meaning rescuer is to protect yourself from possible prosecution for holding onto found (but not reported) property which, it seems, constitutes theft.


taken from this useful thread Who Owns A Found Bird:



For details of the NTR and MPB as well as other useful tips please read:


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