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Parrot minder needed in London area

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Hi everyone,


my usual parrot minder has said she can't look after my boys next month, I'm going away for work for a month from mid-Feb, and I can't avoid going.


Bruce and Archie are lively, happy boys. Both step up (though Archie occasionally beaks up) and Archie likes his head scratched while wrapped in a cloth, Bruce doesn't like to be touched. Getting them to bed isn't a problem, and they understand that they can't be out all day. They eat well and are not at all perturbed by change, they have visited friends of mine and travel well in the car. Usually my parrot sitter has them in her flat and they don't sulk at being moved.


Due to health reasons, they can't go to a parrot boarding facility or live with other birds, so I'm trying to find someone who is bird friendly but doesn't have any birds of their own, to have them in their home for about a month. Alternatively a flatsitter for my London flat though this is less preferable as the fridge just blew up and I won't replace it until I get back.


I can deliver the birds to within about 2 hours of London (prefer closer of course), but would probably want to do a home visit first to make sure it's going to be right for both birds and sitter. I would pay for this service (unless they flatsit and then they get crowded London flat for free). If you know someone who is seriously interested who you consider trustworthy, please email me rather than post details or questions on here.



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