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Macaw Breeding advice needed,

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Hi, I'am curently building my very own large bird building and was setting up my breeding setup for my pair of macaws , I was after as much advise as possible on the correct heating , lighting (just ordered my spectrum lighting) positioning of perches , nest box sizes and requiremnets etc, also i would apreciate as much info on the right diet for a pair of B&G Macaws i.e calcium and protein supplements, I know that I sound a bit unknowledgeable about this but I'am an experienced bird keeper but I find that all birds have different requirements so it is best to gain as much info as possible and therefore I feel that this is the best place to ask, I would also apreciate it if anyone could send me some pic's of a B&G Macaw aviary set up for breeding , thanks kevinyeatman@btinternet.com

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