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Hi Everyone,

This is my story.

I joined in 2009 when I got my very first beloved African Grey, Chez.  I was eager to learn and share experiences.  

Little did I know that my experiences would turn into the worst pain I know.  My partner went into the garden one day and left the back door open and my beloved grey followed.  I never saw him again.  It is still a very painful memory.

That same year I purchased a new baby grey called Oscar.  We have now had him 9 years. 

Around the same time, a lady who had seen my Lost Parrot posters rang and offered me her African Grey as she no longer wanted him.  I was concerned what would happen to him, so I gave her the £200 she wanted and he came home.  "He" is in fact a "She".  Her name is Zak.

This year Oscar and Zak produced 3 eggs.  Something that was not planned.  We did not think they would breed unless a nest box was introduced which it was not.  2 eggs hatched.  I was happy to let Mum & Dad feed and care for them.  They did well for 6 weeks, but then Mum or Dad decided to conduct some over zelous grooming and starting ripping the babies feathers out.  The babies were screaming.  I thought it may be a one-off but they continued and I made the decision to take the babies off them.  Now over to me doing 2 hourly daily/nightly feeds with formula.   It was exhausting.  I felt like a new mum getting up every 2 hours.

Anyway our two half bald babies have turned into beautiful greys.  They are absolutely adorable.  I have named one Ruby as I believe she is a hen and the other one I think is a cock, we refer to as Big Eyes!  They are 6 months old and into everything. 

I will post some pictures shortly.

Whilst I am on this point, I would just add to anyone thinking of breeding - DON'T!!  Oscar went from our beloved baby to the bird from hell.  He became very aggressive and attacked us both at every opportunity.  He cut my face open and has caused permanent damage to my eye.  Although he has now calmed down alot, he is not the bird he once was.  I am informed that he most likely never will be. 








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At the time he was out of his cage and just flew at me whilst I was minding my own business watching TV.  I was nowhere near him.

We realise he was only being protective of his "nest" and pending hatchlings.

One day I arrived home to find Oscar in a terrible state, breathing very rapidly, his wings dropped and not himself.  I was confused as to what had caused it as noone had been home.  I rushed him off to the Royal Veterinary Hospital at 9pm.  They put him in an oxygen chamber and half an hour later he was good as new but my bank account was not.  They had no explanation for it.  Now we know EXACTLY what had caused it - he had been engaging in hanky panky!

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