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Nose blood my Macaw

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This morning my Macaw Holly’s cage contained a serious amount of blood. It looked as if she had caught her claw in a nostril,seems to be a slight tear at the bottom. She was a bit upset but eating and drinking ok. A few clots appeared through the morning during her sneezing. She has been very n my shoulder all day, to prevent her scratching. It seems to be bothering her a bit now and is oozing slightly. Am worried about putting her to bed this evening, when she is not being supervised. Any ideas very welcome. Many thanks.

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Sorry only just seen this  & of course it's a Sunday . 

If it's stil oozing it will be irritating & may even be affecting her  breathing . If it was one of my birds I'd probably look to see if I could resolve the problem . But as your asking for advice I guess you need help & that would be best from a vet 

 Any blockage needs clearing , & the bleeding point(s) need cauterising which should settle her , but that's best done by the vet if your uncertain what to do

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