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Newbie from 8 years ago;)

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Hi All 

just recently decided I wanna get back into parrot keeping. Been out the game for around 5/6 years as family was expanding and now I want to share the experience with them. 

I have decent knowledge although a bit rusty so was glad when I got the email from the forum;) 

im looking to start off with ring necks and sunconures for the time being as they are cheaper then my previous breeding pairs I had and less scary in terms of size for the kids. 

I have previously bread greys and B&G macaws and also kept cockatoos though I don’t think im as confident at the moment to go in head first after 5/6 year gap. 

So my question is wot are your thoughts in terms or a re- introductory species? 

Remember they will be out doors in my previous aviary.

all so need direction on where to purchase. Been looking intermittently over the last 2/3 weeks but can’t seem to find any. 

There also used to be a ‘birds for sale’ section if I remember correctly which I don’t see any more???


any and all guidance appreciated👍🏽

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Welcome back!

It's taking time to warm the place up, as people are slowly discovering it's back on-line after almost 3 years out.

There is a birds for sale section, it's currently off-line, we'll look into this into the coming months due to CITIES, regulation etc.

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