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Cage Tray Newspaper lining substitute?

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I have 2 large cages with a tray that is 1m width by 0.75m in depth.

I've been using large format newspaper sheets to line the large tray for the poop to land on.

However, most of the newspaper was donated by family and family have since stopped buying newspapers as they've switch to reading the news on-line.

Does anyone know of a very affordable method of lining the bottom of a large tray, newspaper substitutes?

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36 minutes ago, stormbird said:

I also put 6 sheets of newspaper across the floor in front of their cages so when they sit on the top of their cages tail out or on their doors, i don't have to deal with carpet mess.

I started thinking about cheap rolls of lining paper, maybe more affordable using 40m rolls of this for £10:


This might be cheaper (not sure on the thickness):


Does anyone know of cheaper options?

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Ha Neil, I am about to have the same problem as you.  Was getting broad sheet papers from my parents.  But they have stopped getting them and cutting down on papers altogether. 


Scarletts has 10 kilos of 50 x 60cm (500 sheets) for £12:



Otherwise Amazon has 10 kilos of slightly bigger sheets 51 x 76cm (500 sheets) for £13.95 (free delivery):



Yours are cheaper, but I don't think I can cope with a roll! 😐

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