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Newbie saying hello

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I am new to this site and would just like to introduce myself.

My name is Leanne and I am almost 31 and from Bury, Lancashire.

I have a partner named Steven. 2 daughters, Bethany aged 14 and Madison aged 13 months. I have a small cross breed dog called Lola and a horse called Lanky (don't ask).

I live in my own home, can drive, just :D. I work as a dinner time cover nursery nurse, 3 hours every week day, I also go to university one evening a week where I am studying my BA Hons in Education and Special Educational Needs. My partner is in the army as an engineer but he is leaving in April.

We do not have a parrot yet as we are looking for one still. I have joined here to get a little more information on things so I know I am 100% in choosing the right bird. I have had a senegal for a few months which was not mine, he was my friends but was in the process of moving home so I got the pleasure of looking after him while she moved and got straight. This was quite a few years ago and I knew then I wanted a parrot but never had the funds to provide a good enough home (vet bills etc if anything was needed). Now we do, I would love one to join our family. 


If anyone has ANY advice for me It would be very much appreciated and it will be taken on board.

The breeds I have been looking at so far are Indian Ringnecks although the tails are rather long so maybe not the best with a 13 month old.

Amazons seem to be where I am looking more as they seem to be sturdy birds with less tail than the Ringnecks and not as big a bird as the African Greys.

Also Senegals, again these seem to be sturdy birds with not as much tails and are not too big of a bird.

African Grey's I feel may be a bit too big for my home so I am looking more along the 3 above.


So, enough of me and my blabbing on.

Hello to all and thank you for having me on your site ;D


Leanne xxx

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Hi Leanne and welcome .

 I'm not sure which Amazons you've been looking at but most of the more common ones are a similar size to CAGs and can be more hormonal !

If you like the Greys , have you considered their close relative the Timeneh Grey which is much smaller ?



Ringnecks don't make good cage birds although some manage to keep them as cage birds


If you like the shape of a parakeet perhaps you should look at the conures from South America , but a word of caution the Conures are split into 2 main groups . The Aratingas which are brightly coloured BUT are very vocal , and the Pyhurras or scaly breasted Conures . which have more muted colours and not as loud as their Aratinga cousins . However the Green Cheeked which comes from the Pyhurra group is very popular and comes in several different colour mutations

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Thank you for all that info. I have been looking a little more into things abd am now being drawn to Senegal parrots ?

Apparntly they are greta for people in apartments as they dont screech às muh as some can and even though i dont live in an apartment i suppose they would be quiet in the evening for my youngest daughter.

They are smaller parrots so will need lessspace alrhough i will be more edged to a larger cage ! Apparantly they are more cuddly tame but can also be a little independant so will play alone.

It is not an easy choice to just go and get a parrot, phew

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Sounds as if you've done some good research and no doubt your previous experience with a sengal has influenced you ..


But did your research include the senegal's less commonly kept cousin the Meyer's parrot ? some say they are even better as pets !

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