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Best way to rehome

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This has probably been asked before but whats the best way to rehome my birds?


-A bit of background-


I currently have a hahns macaw (for around 4 years) and a hawkhead (for around 1 year). There was no problem for the first few years with the hahns as my parents could tollerate the noise, but the Hawkhead is too loud for my dad to handle and he's not the smartest of people so just ends up shouting at her whenever she makes noise. This is obviously a very unfair environment for them to be in as I cant be with them 24/7.

I'm not in a financial situation to buy my own house and renting seems imposible with the level of noise they can make so I feel that rehoming is the only way to be fair to them.


My main concern is the hawkhead, she can be very skittish with new people/things and is very attached to me. 

I have little concern that the hahns will have trouble adapting to a new home, he/she is attached to me but is outgoing, intelligent and gets on well with most people.


Is it better to try to sell them or to give them away? Or is finding them a good home a gamble either way? 

They are generally disinterested in one another but will ocasionally preen one another (with supervision), so they don't have to go to the same home. 


Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,


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