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Hi, having just joined the forum I would like to introduce myself and my parrot Charlie.


I am Allan, I'm new to parrot keeping having only had Charlie a CAG for 3 weeks.  I have kept many species of birds on and off for most of my life but this is the first time I have owned a parrot.


I understand that owning a parrot, particularly an African Grey comes with a considerable responsibility to ensure that it is well looked after, accompanied  and entertained so I didnt take the decision lightly and have considered it for several years before taking the plunge so to speak.


Although Charlie is currently in perfect health as far as I know, I would like to find an avian vet in my area (South Yorkshire, Notts, Linc's border) that I can register with for advice, assistance when needed and possible health surveillance.


Can anyone recommend a good practice please ?



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 Hi my name is angie, I'm the proud owner of chucky a green cheeked conure,  and milly and milo two beautiful parrotletts.

was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best food to feed the parrotletts

hi and welcome !

Parrotlets are best fed a low sunflower small seed mix  I use a a grass parakeet mix from Junglegold , but members od the Parrotlet Interest group based on facebook & affiliated to the Parrot Society use a variety of similar mixes . They should also be given a mixture of fruit & veggies just as the Conure gets

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