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Pottys Mum

Olly Coptor, RIP

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Some of you will remember Olly, the little green budgie I rescued about six years ago after his owners had threatened to put him down.


It took me three months to realise that Olly was blind.


Despite being blind, he would come out of his cage and run to me and I had to be quick to catch him before he ran off the end of the table on which his cage sites.

He would sit on my shoulder and chew my hair. He would run up my leg and perch on my toes, which he did for the last time yesterday.


I woke up this morning to find him on the bottom of his cage. There was nothing wrong with him. It seems he just had a heart attack.


Tiny little bird but has left a huge hole in my heart.


Fly free, little man, and join Phoebe at Rainbow Bridge.


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I hope my birds go before i do... i'd fear for their future... knowing and seeing what really goes on out there.


It got a life it wouldn't have had otherwise..... If it hadn't been for people like you debs, it's life could have

ended 6 years ago... it got that gift of life and it went being loved.


Fly free!

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