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HElp!! Cage Suggestions for a Greenwing please!

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Hi Everyone!! long time no see!! 


I'm in a bit of a tricky spot currently!


George has just busted his way through his 3 week old cage! and I'm running out of options so any suggestions would be great! 


his original cage was the Liberta Raleigh large corner cage, but the cage proved to be unfit for use as the bowl holders were dangerous, the door easily unscrewed by George and fell off once! and he stripped the bolt lock clean off the door. 


his second cage was a Montana variant very similar to the liberta corner cage but much better quality. However this only came in the antique colour and was a very dark, overbearing (and quite honestly depressing) presence in the room and George did not take to it at all. Eventually 3 weeks ago I decided to get him one in another colour:


Due to a lack of others available in the Stone colour, and despite my previous issues with Liberta, was assured by the reviews and promises that this new and improved Liberta Raliegh second edition had been re-designed. sure enough all the issues I had originally were solved and even had the bonus that he could no longer fling his food bowls when he'd finished eating (I was sure he was greek at some point!) the cage seems to have been really well designed as far as keeping a bird inside of it.


....however... George does not stay inside! and 3 weeks in and he's already broken the new and improved lock!! 

Liberta have assured me that this is unheard of and it's fairly possible that this is the case.. George was once on a toy prototype testing list but removed due to...and i quote: "not being an accurate representation of the damage an AVERAGE Greenwing Macaw can do"  in other words, none of the prototypes survived his quality testing regime... fair enough, he can bend the thicker quicklinks completely flat, ping off chain links off his toys and even tore apart an "indestructabell". A coop cup was ripped clean off it's welded holding plate ...... he destroys pretty much anything that can be within reach of him.


so........ does anyone have ANY suggestions please on a new cage for him? needs to be about the same size as his corner cages 1x1x1.8 meters ish (I can find ones that are 1 meter long and a good height but they are all about 70cm deep... that's quite a lot less space  :/  ) and needs to be in the Stone colour, not antique.....  




... that or would anyone happen to have some Kryptonite? 

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agreeed on the strong, not so sure about the clever part...... lol


great to see you guys too. I've been buried in a huge project for the last year or so. hopefully all going to pay off in the next few months but we'll see. :/ 

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Hi calley, yes greenwings are very strong, and when you get one that is destructive( they aren't all destructive ????) you need a very very good cage, I recommend the double nova but I would contact Scarlett at scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk and ask her advice, she has lots of macaws and knows more about cages better than most.

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