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I have 2 umbrella cockatoos aged 12 and 16. One was a rescue from a rescue charity, to keep my other company, although first was a rescue from someone who could no longer keep. I have had them 7 and 6 years respectively now. Never kept parrots before but must be doing the right thing as both very healthy. They have a large cage in house and adapted one for motorhome so they go everywhere with me. Also 8 foot square aviary in garden and I have a parrot back pack both just getting used to. I have never taken pets on without totally understanding the commitment needed and appreciating the privelege it is to care for these amazing creatures. They belong in the wild in their own environment I have always been against exotic animals being in captivity, but when it comes to rescue I want to help. They are never left more than a couple of hours, but at least when they are they have each other.

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