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Looking for a good Caique breeder

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Hi all.


Looking for recommendation of where to get a Caique for my daughter.


She grew up with a cockatiel and they were always together, but he sadly passed away and this left her feeling down and depressed.


My wife decided to get her a Black headed Caique from a pet shop. This turned out to be ill and died after ten days of respiratory infection.


I am looking for a reputable person to get a replacement. I can’t risk her being upset again with another pet passing away so want to make as sure as I can that we buy from a reputable source.


We live in Berkshire but are willing to travel to ensure we get the right bird.


Any advice on what to look for and what checks I can make would be appreciated.





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Hi there,


I got my Caique boy from Graham Edwards - http://www.harlequinparrots.co.uk. My boy (and his brother who went on to live not far away from us) both turned out to be lovely and chilled birds.


Please be aware though that Caiques are not the easiest birds to look after. Like all parrots they are amazingly cute as babies but they become little devils during puberty. Their hormones will be playing havoc and you must expect to be bitten hard when you don't expect to be. Both my Caiques were a challenge between the ages of 2 and 5. At the age of 5 things have started to calm down.


They are still not the kind of bird that will mix well with other birds, pets or even humans if they have not been introduced to them while young. This is less of a problem when outside their home environment but in our house, i.e. their domain, every new creature they encounter (as adults) is initially seen as a potential enemy and may be attacked. They can also be very noisy and mine often are.


All of this makes it very challenging to go away for a few days without them. In my case, I have adjusted my life around them and usually take them with me on holidays and trips abroad, which they seem to enjoy very much. However, it certainly limites your modes of travel and where you can stay.


So please do consider carefully whether they are the right birds for you and your daughter. There are other parrot species that are far less challenging. I love my Caiques dearly and could not imagine life without them, but they are little devils.


On the positive side, they respond very well to training and I've taught them many 'tricks' and useful behaviours that make living together more pleasant and can defuse tense situations. Mine go into their cage voluntarily and fly to designated places on command. In turn they taught me to turn on the tap on command so they can have a shower in the sink and to scratch itchy new feather growth at a time of their choosing. It works both ways.


If you do go ahead then I would urge you to consider getting two. Caiques don't become any less tame when living in pairs and they will be much happier. I never regretted getting a second one, it was one of the best decisions of my life!


Best of luck and kind regards,




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