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How heartless are people ?

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Hi gem and milli,


yes we added him with the others on Monday 2 days before the actual date as I had my landlord doing work!


he is settled in well sandy appears to be testing him but he seems to be able to fought back!


he is a nice bird but he doesn't like being picked up at random and has split my fingernail in the process as he bites and will refuse to let go lol

anyway the next step i want to do is now get them eating fruit and veg if it kills me we changed there seeds to the pets at home one as the contents seem

alot better then the Wilko "Cockatiel" stuff and it has to many sunflowers in there for them ive ried giving them sweetcorn, peas carrots cooked in the past but none were

intrested in that am I doing something wrong do they eat it raw? 


I still need to get the drops you suggested I gave them all a bath the other day and I noticed Wileys nose was all flaky so I picked at it all off and in horror it looks like he has

had this stuff all over him for ages on his nose which I thought was just normal poor bird when will people learn birds need bathed just as much as people do :(

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Yes the pets at home cockatiel mix is better than wilkos, that loks more like wild bird seed. I'm not sure who pers at home get their seed from now, might be Bucktons.

You should be able to get that spot on beaphar for birds in pets at home.  You probably only need to do it the once. It's just soemthing I do for new birds.


I cook some frozen mix veg in the microwave for mine, give them some chopped fruit as well, they love it. Just checking you do put in in a seperate dish to the seed?

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You could always try mixing everything up with a little bit of seed - for example I use a cheap frozen veg mix and add bits of extras like sweetcorn, chopped peppers. I usually blitz in the microwave for a few minutes and then add some chopped fruit such as apple, grapes, pomegranite seeds. I add a little bit of seed to this and then my birds have to ferret through everything. They will usually eat the seeds first but then have to eat the veggies and fruit as they are still hungry. This is all cleared away later and they receive a small dish of seed in the afternoon. Mine also seem to like fruit a lot more if you hang it up - I use a big needle and thread with string and tie up in different areas of their cage.


It is amazing how many people would not think to give their birds a bath. My caiques all enjoy one even in this cold weather - I do make sure they have warm water though and a nice fluffy towel to dry off on. In the summer time a big dish of water is laid out will be used every day and then a dry off in the sun!

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