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Changing BF Amazon's diet

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Hi All,


Am looking for some advice regarding changing my mums BF Amazons diet.  She currently has a bowl of parrot seed mix and is given fruit and veg daily.  She receives cooked pasta, rice etc when mum cooks it.


I would like to get her on to a more nutritious diet that does not contain as much seed.


Can any amazon owners suggest any pellet mixes that their birds love? Also, any tips on how to wean her? She is a stubborn madam (the bird, not mum!) and I dont think this will be easy.  She always flicks through her seed to find the sunflowers and peanuts!!!


Any help much appreciated.

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Welcome. First suggestion is to buy a Parrot mix with reduced sunflower and no peanuts. I use mixes from Junglegold for my Amazons. The rest of the diet sounds fine. As for pellets, I'm not a fan, although others are. Some pellets are actually 10% groundnut oil in any case.

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