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What's happening with the charity parrotcare?

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Well done Animalia, you can copy from FB and paste on here


This was never about birds it was only ever about a few sad cases so Jealous of June that they sought to destroy, so that's what I've done, brought this whole daft string of rubbish to their level... total crap. totally unnecessary and totally over

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Absolutely quack, you've hit the nail on the head.


Alison is the sad accuser, if she has something to say she should stand up and say it


June is being accused of all manner of miss-truths and fabrications, if you were being attacked in this appalling fashion would you respond?


Those of us that actually know June will rally round and protect her from this these evil people


And please don't be so naive, a sparrow and a parrot are worlds apart, to suggest that caring for a sparrow could give you the remotest insight with regards to parrots is at best insane


If I was being attacked in this manner I would most certainly speak up. So my question is why isn't June speaking up.

You say June is being accused of all Manner of mis-truths. Well if this is the case then she should speak up for herself.

  I have been attacked in an appalling fashion, by JUNE!! but wasn't given the chance to speak up as I was banned from the forum at the time.

I never said a sparrow was in any way the same as a parrot ??

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Well done Animalia, you can copy from FB and paste on here

Yeah I'm very talented.


a few sad cases so Jealous of June that they sought to destroy

The expert witness statements of a highly qualified vet really testifies against that notion though doesn't it?


totally over

Except its not.

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This topic has sunk to new depths and getting personal.

I'm getting complaints from people that this forum is full of nasty people, when it's not the case normally.


I understand people are demanding to know where their/the birds are and emotions are running high.  Attacks will just make the task even more impossible.  The only course of action now may be for you to go via the legal route, and I can't see from this point how this topic is going to be constructive.

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June. I am sure people will forgive any wrongs you may have done. Remember I did!! Please just speak to everyone, and let everyone know how all the birds are, and how you are. You have a great knowledge on birds, and you have helped so many birds in your time. This must count for something. 

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All we are asking is to have molly home with us. molly was not a bird care bird she was entrusted to June on the understanding she would be returned to us at any time which June agreed to. We have proof of ownership we have vet care bills dating back to 2008 and Crooks vets in Rotherham will verify this we have proof of ownership from leading vets Johana Storm and Andrew Greenwoods. No paper work of any kind was ever signed giving June legal ownership of molly. We can prove ownership so I challange June to. Should be easy if she has nothing to hide and if she has nothing to hide why would she go back on her word. I am Leas partner and I would like everyone to know how ill this has made her she suffers from MS and secondery Lymphodema and the comments made saying she was pissed and stoned are the rantings of imberseals. This WILL NOT go away we will fight this all the way we are prepared to take this to a court of law if need be then we shall have the truth.

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Lea and Robert, you have my full support and that of many others here.  I have PM'd you.


As some posts made on Facebook have been brought to my attention, I would like to clarify that, at no point, have I ever stated that I saw Mollie while she was living with June.  In fact I have never met June Edwards in person at all.  I only ever saw Mollie at Suzanne Weir's flat, as did my partner, Pip Harmer, and also another friend (who for now shall remain nameless) all on separate occasions. 


Also brought to my attention are comments made by June Edwards today, disputing my claim that Khan, the Greenwing Macaw I agreed to take on from her was ill upon arrival here.  As this is quite a lengthy issue, I shall address this later, when I have more time, as I'm very busy with my birds and other chores at the moment.

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I was just wondering if there is a way of doing , or suggesting that a list of birds is made. So people finding this topic and posting could add the ones they know the whereabouts of, or are concerned about.


That way at least some could be accounted for and their status updated as it goes along.


I saw on a forum one day that people were meeting up, so they made a list and subsequent posters would copy the list paste into their posts with additions or changes.

People can add comments or whatever within their posts but the list would be there and updated.



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Lea, unfortunately, it seems that Molly isn't just going to be handed over to you so I think its time to explore other avenues sadly. I do not know the story of Molly being handed over to Parrotcare, or for what reasons, but if you believe that it was a temporary measure and there was no paperwork involved where you officially signed her over then its time to take a different approach to this. I wish you luck  :)

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I have been asked to post this. Please do not direct any questions towards me because I do not know the story or history of the bird. However, id be interested to know of its condition and whether it is now receiving the care and attention required as it does seem to be in a bit of a sorry state and clearly needs some rehabilitation.




One bird I am concerned about is Sol, below is an email sent to the directors, I had no reply. The blood is still on the walls at Beverley. I very much hope this bird has been seen by a vet now and has someone to pay him attention. This is one of the birds I offered to pay for a full examination of.




This bird an African Grey, I was told by June with my daughter present, that she had to go on the ferry to Ireland to collect this bird, she said it was frightened to death of people or anything. I had specifically asked about this bird as where it was kept in Carway, was upstairs in a corner and the walls behind its cage were covered in blood splatters, June told us it throws itself around the cage and mutilates its wings causing it to bleed, so all she does is feed and water it and change its paper, this to me is neglecting a problem rather than dealing with it, so I asked if I could take it on some months later.(The first time I had seen it upstairs was back in Febuary 2012, when I asked if I could take it on was September 2012, the bird was still upstairs) On asking June if I could take it on with my daughter present, she said no, she might bring it downstairs into the kitchen, to get it used to people, I do not know how long this bird had been upstairs away from people, I imagine since she had first collected it. Only when I asked about taking it on did June then bring it downstairs and in fact put it in the kitchen. The bird clung on to the bars of the cage or perched on its water bowl, there were no perches in the cage, June said it was too frightened of anything, to me and this is my opinion, if a bird comes in with a problem, to put it away upstairs out of sight, is not dealing with the issues that bird has its ignoring the problem.


I visited Junes' 3 times whilst this bird was downstairs in the kitchen,and there was blood splatters on the wall behind its cage, I started paying it attention, by kneeling down and talking to it and on the 3rd occasion was tickling its head, June said with my daughter present, that it had really taken to me and was amazed, I was able to do this to Sol.

I did not ask June again for the bird, when I was on the phone a couple of days later June asked if I would take Sol, for which I replied yes, I was arranging to have perspex fitted in the corner of our lounge, in-case it bled in its new environment and had arranged with Ann our neighbor a similar set up, for quarantine, June took Sol to Beverley and asked if Swindon was near to mine to arrange to collect the bird, I said no it was not and then June suggested Sue bringing Sol to me when Sue collected other birds from Camarthen, that were coming back to June, this as you know has not happened.

The house June had at Beverley, when we inspected it on Sunday had blood splatters on 3 areas of the downstairs walls, I have asked June to explain this, as yet she has not, it is my suspicion, that this could be blood from Sol, I could be wrong, but am concerned.The walls have not been washed as yet, so if anyone would like to see what I am talking about, this can be arranged. ( You will have to meet me there as we changed the locks on all the doors)


My concerns, are;


1. I do not know, but as directors, I would imagine you keep records, how long has this bird been in Parrotcares' care and were you aware of it being kept upstairs for as long as I know it was, without its problems being addressed, because as directors, surely this is part of your job, being aware of each and every bird and its progress.

2. Was this bird ever seen by a vet in regard to its mutilating, whilst in Parrotcares' care? and if so what was suggested?

3. Do you as directors, feel that putting a bird upstairs is a way of dealing with its problems?

4. Were you as directors (I know Sue was, as she was supposed to be bringing him to me) aware of this birds issues?

5. Is this bird still mutilating and if so, is it not time that another situation was found for this bird, with people who are able to help this bird?


It is one thing being directors, however, you must be seen to do your jobs, not just jump in when anyone states anything about birds, they have been given. You must be addressing these issues, on a daily basis, there are birds that have been under Junes' care for many years have these been assessed to see whether, their needs are being met?


You think I am just critical, but as I put on one post on the forum, I have had many conversations with June about vets, I could not have questioned more, but questions do not get answered, so I am asking you the directors of Parrotcare, about certain birds handed in to you.


I know there is no possibility of this bird being given to me, but I am still very concerned, am I being unreasonable?


Alison Scales

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lets hope this post is not deleted.molly was with june as she said she had a disabled triton,she was living on a farm in wales.june has stated when she got our molly she had a broken back broken wings,what a load of rubish.do u think when andrew greenwoods partner johann storm would not have noticed a broken back, broken wings.she had a broken leg that was treated by crooks vets in rotherham im sure when she went every week for her pot changed the vets would have noticed broken back broken wings.what the hell is wrong with you june .asked andrew greenwould to send mollys records ,crooks vets will stand behind us 100%.your a lier molly came to you after WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAD SPENT 18 MONTHS REHABILITATING MOLLY you lying sod.wich vets did u take her to june.post there name if you have nothing to hide .it was us that spent thousands on vets bills getting her better and we can prove it.give us our molly back and stop trying to make money from her with your lies .my name is lea please feel free to contact me when you all read this 01709 740177 thankyou.the truth will out

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by the way all junes supporters has she got 1 of your birds u spent 18 months of round the clock care .we got that exhausted at one time for over a month molly slept in bed with us.she was terrified and just needed the extra love and reasurance so we could get her well and get her to trust us.even though my partner was working 12 hours a day molly just needed that bond so she didnt give up .would i put any other cockatoo in bed hell no .iv had 26 years of treating diabled birds and its what molly needed to go on.so you june u or a lier and a fraud.post the vets u took molly to.i promise all of you mollys vets records will be posted for all to see,we are not liers we are caring loving people.have a heart june and give her back before u wrench our heart out.lea

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Lea, June told me that Mollie had suffered a broken back.  After seeing Mollie at Sue's flat, I rang June to say I was concerned for her, and that my friend and I had tried to clean her up and snipped away some of the damaged feathers from around her vent with some nail scissors.  June told me that she just plucked them out. I was shocked and said this must be incredibly painful for poor Mollie.  June replied that she had no feeling there due to her broken back. Having handled Mollie myself just a couple of hours previously, I knew this not to be true and disputed it.


This is what June posted regarding Mollie, on the Parrotcare forum, sponsor a bird page...

This lovely little girl is Mollie. Sadly while still with her breeder she ended up with a broken back, wings and legs and was paralysed. On being rescued she was taken to the vets to end her suffering, however she was having none of that and showed at once that she was a fighter.


Three years and many thousands of pounds of operations later she is a happy girl, sadly she cannot walk or climb or fly but she loves her toys, being cuddled and most of all, her food.


To sponsor Mollie £20 a year.





June Post subject: meet molly

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:03 am



Old Bird


Joined: Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:04 am

Posts: 794 I thought it might be nice if you all got to know a little about the birds living here.


Please meet Molly a Triton cockatoo.

Molly has been in Parrotcare over 3 years now.

As a baby she fell out of her nest onto the ground and broke her back, her parents continued to feed her, even when the rats attacked her and chewed on her legs and feet.


The breeder did nothing, lucky for her she was found and rescued.

She has had many operations but still could not walk, But over the last few years She has learnt to get up on her feet and can now move at quite a rate, her legs do not move independently of each other but that does not stop her, she loves tickles, she has a bath every day and loves to be rapped in a towel and sit on your lap while she dries.


Molly loves toys, and eating doors


She also needs a wood floor as a carpet would cause her damage around the vent area as she often drags this on the floor, She needs to be out of her cage all day so that she is not sat in her own droppings and needs a daily bath to keep her vent area clean and uninfected.


Because she lives on the floor a home without cats and dogs and young children is also a must.


Molly has just started trying to fly, this is going to be fun and could lead to her getting into all kinds of trouble, she also pulls herself up her cage bars with her beak and of cause can not get down so she must be watched to ensure she does not fall and damage her already damaged body.


Molly is a very sweet bird, she does not bite but can scream for England.

Molly can be sponsored on our main web site at parrotcare.eu 

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With regards to Po....... he (or she) is not with June at this time nor has been for a goodly time. Po to the best of my knowledge is a challenging little bugger who no-one could stand to live with...... remember the emails sent, be careful they don't come back and bite you.........Po is a very difficult bird but he or she has finally found a human with whom he or she can relate and is currently enjoying life and interacting well. There is apparently absolutely nothing on paper to prove his ownership, he was handed over by Michelle who stated clearly that she could not cope with Po and absolutely hated having him or her around. Pippy, how about you ask Jeremy Kyle for a job as a researcher cos you seem to be about on his level




Just reading this for the first time,  laughing lots here! ;D


Firstly, I have never attempted to bury the fact that having Po here with me, once he and Henry became so strongly bonded, had become a totally untenable situation, so your theory of any correspondence coming back to 'bite me' is as ridiculous as you yourself are.


In fact, I posted about whole situation with myself and Po quite openly on a fair few parrot forums, as well as on Facebook, so stop being such a silly man, Ian, by intimating I am responsible for some kind of cover-up  :)


As for Michelle's part in this, I am well aware of the truth of how Po ended up with Suzanne Weir (I didn't say he was with June, I said I had seen him in Suzanne's flat when I went there to collect Henry, when I also saw Mollie), so your attempts at besmirching Michelle's character are futile.


If Michelle herself wishes to post to expand on this, I'm sure she will do, but the truth of the matter will be fully disclosed to the solicitor on Tuesday.


Ian, please, stop worrying your pretty little head about things which don't concern you, you'll give yourself an ulcer!  :-*


Now then, what/who is this 'Jeremy Kyle' of which/whom you speak with such authority? I'm sorry, it's not a person/organisation with which I'm familiar but from your post I'm assuming you are  :)


If any parrot owners on this forum are contemplating telling either myself, Caron or Lea to 'just drop this/let it rest/move on', please, before you post, first imagine this is YOUR parrot being discussed and that it is YOU being met with a wall of silence (other than from that funny little Ian person) regarding the whereabouts and welfare of YOUR bird.

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I understand that there have been denials issued by June Edwards that Khan the Greenwing Macaw, that I agreed to take from her, was sick upon his arrival with me on 25th November 2012, and that he only became sick 20 days later.  I stated in a prevous post that I would address this issue later and so here it is.  I apologise for this lengthy post but I have nothing whatsoever to hide, and want to make the facts of this matter crystal clear.


June claims that an email I sent to her on the 28th November 2012, saying that he was doing fine, eating well, and interacting with my other birds, prove this.  I’m happy to share the relevant emails with anyone interested, but for the sake of keeping this no longer than necessary, I won’t post them here.  What June doesn’t say, is that during a lengthy phonecall on the 26th November 2012, after I rang her to tell her my concerns for Khan, she had assured me repeatedly that the wheezing had been normal behaviour for Khan for the past ten years and that I was mistaking enthusiastic regurgitation for vomiting.  I was reassured that he had received extensive treatment for his condition and he was fully vet checked.


To further clarify this issue I would like to copy here, the post I put on the Parrotcare forum earlier this year (in blue font) Further notes and explanations are added in italics.

Khan and Nevada have been with me for a couple of months now, so I can provide an update on them too.


I would like to mention here that I have never been a member of Parrotcare, met June Edwards in person, been homechecked, nor seen or signed any paperwork prior to being asked to take  Khan, Nevada, and keep Rocky the Galah to pass on for rehoming, via a friend of mine.

Nevada settled straight into my little group of Blue and Gold Macaws like she had always been among them.  At first she was a little shy, having only ever known June as her Mom, but she quickly warmed to me, and will now reach out to be picked up and ride about on my shoulder or enjoy cuddling up for tickles.  She is still shy of human strangers but I would say has the perfect balance between a people and bird’s bird, being content in the company of her feathered companions either indoors or outside in the play aviaries, while also happy to spend time with me for some one-on-one attention.  She is a playful girl who enjoys toys, teaching the others to copy her ‘quack quack’ and will always greet us with a cheerful ‘hello!’.  She LOVES her food and rarely refuses any of the wide variety of fresh foods I offer in addition to their nuts/seed/pellet mixes (which she enjoys throwing about in true youngster fashion!)  She’s a joy to have here with us and, all credit to June, is a wonderfully well-adjusted and content girl.

Unfortunately, as people who read my FB posts will know, dear old Khan has had a bit of a traumatic time since arriving here, bless his heart.  For those who don’t use FB and don’t know the story, I’ll try and recap here, it’s a bit of a long story so bear with me!… 

After picking Khan up from June’s and settling him down the first night, I noticed immediately that he was very wheezy and that his tail was bobbing, so the next morning I called June to say I was concerned. June explained that he had always wheezed and that it had been very much worse when he had come to her, along with his partner Kianne, due to the pair having spent time in an aviary alongside a field where crops had been sprayed.  June had spent months caring for them and treating the problem until it improved enough for the pair to continue living together happily for many years, until Kianne sadly passed away around Christmas 2011.


Over the coming days I noticed that Khan always seemed ravenous and would empty a huge bowl of food then sit, what I can only describe as ‘chewing the cud’ and regurgitating/dribbling food onto the floor.  I spoke to June about this and she explained that as an ex-breeding bird it was quite normal for him to be regurgitating, as by this time, he had become quite obviously attracted to one of my other Macaws.


Please remember that when I picked up Khan I thought he was coming from a reputable, competent and capable rescue. I fully admit I was naive and made a grave error of judgement allowing Khan to interact with my other birds. I had heard lots of people saying June's place was dirty and in a bit of a state, but at this point, I had no idea that vet treatment was being denied and that there was Psittacosis or any infectious diseases there.  I trusted June and never dreamt that she would allow a bird to be rehomed with something like that being a possibility.


I could see clearly that Khan was ill and rang June to tell her I was concerned, the very next day. June told me that it was normal for him, and he had always been that way for the past ten years. That she had spent three months with him living in her bedroom while she treated him and he had been fully checked by a vet named Gibson.(?)  She said that if I wasn’t happy with him then he could go back to her.  Of course, I declined this offer as I wanted to ensure the poor old boy was going to be ok for myself.  Although I didn’t say so to June, as I didn’t want to offend her,  I  took him to my local vet, Mark Webster immediately, to ask his opinion. Mark weighed him, gave him worming and mite treatment and put him on Baytril, advising me to bring him back if there was no improvement in a couple of weeks.


Only when I took Casper back to Sue on the 29th November, 2012, and saw the state of Mollie and Jamie the Amazon, did the penny start to drop that all was not as well as I had been led to believe by June.


Poor June must have been fed up of me being an over-concerned ‘new’ Mum and calling her about Khan by this time, but I felt for my own peace of mind I would like him checked over by the vet so, with June’s agreement, I booked him an appointment to see Andrew Forsythe at Battleflatts surgery in Strensall.


When after two weeks of treatment, Khan failed to show any improvement, I told June I was taking him to the specialist vet in York.



The night before the appointment the surgery rang to say that Andrew wasn’t going to be available and would I be able to go to their Stamford Bridge surgery and see Mark Naguib instead.  I wasn’t enthusiastic about this and would have preferred to see Andrew, but didn’t want to leave it as Christmas closure was just a few days away and after asking around was reassured that Mark was a reputable vet.

The next day I drove Khan down to Stamford Bridge and met Mark, who was very professional and handled Khan gently and confidently while he gave him a general physical examination.  He said the wheezing and tail bob were a concern and quickly noticed that one of his nostrils wasn’t working. Then, on closer inspection inside his beak, a large lumpy yellow/red mass covering the top and back of his throat was obvious.


Mark said he would like to admit him and carry out an x-ray, blood tests and further investigate the growth in his throat.  I signed the consent forms and spent an anxious few hours waiting to hear how the poor boy was faring.


Eventually Mark called me through to his room and I was happy to see an awake if not rather peed-off looking Khan sitting on a blanket in his carrier having come round from his anaesthetic.  Mark explained that he had excised as much of the sizeable tumour as he could, but that some of it extended too far back into his skull to safely remove and that the removed tissue would be sent off for histologic study to determine whether it was a malignant cancer.


He then showed me the x-ray which highlighted a bright metal object in Khan’s gizzard.  I said that it looked exactly like an airgun pellet and Mark agreed saying that would be an obvious assumption if he was a bird of prey who might have eaten something that had been shot, but not for a Macaw.  Mark said that some of the symptoms Khan was presenting ie the vomiting, could well be down to metal poisoning and the presence of this object in his digestive system would explain this.  He had tried to flush the object while Khan was under anaesthetic but had been unsuccessful and didn’t want to keep him under any longer to carry on trying.  He said for me to give him Fybogel and closely monitor all droppings to see if the object passed through in the natural manner.


He asked that I bring Khan back for a follow up appointment after Christmas and meanwhile prescribed Baytril, Sporanox, Sodium Calcium Edetate and Metacam for me to give him over the intervening period and he would telephone me with the lab results.  All the way home Khan was fascinated with the new space in his mouth/throat and was intently poking his tongue about investigating, in much the same way as we would after a tooth has gone!!!


Meanwhile, obviously, I was keeping June informed of developments, and asked her if, as the vet bills were looking to be considerable and mounting, whether the Parrotcare charity would be able to help with the costs.  Mark had told me that any new insurance would be ineffective for a pre-existing condition and with Christmas upon us finances were tight for everyone.  June explained there was nothing in the charity account but she would put an appeal on FB explaining Khan’s condition and asking if anyone who could help would donate directly to me through Paypal.


I told June on the phone that I wasn’t happy with this arrangement as I wasn’t a charity and Khan was a Parrotcare bird, but June was adamant that this was the way it needed to be and she would write the post and run it by me before posting.  June also told me it was better to not mention anything other than the tumour on the  appeal as “it would complicate the post.”  I said that I would prefer to be transparent about Khan’s  problems, but she insisted that it would be better to “keep it short and simple so as not to confuse people”  June wrote the appeal and forwarded it to me to ok for posting which I reluctantly agreed to, on condition it was made clear that Khan was a Parrotcare bird and donations were supporting the charity not me.


A wonderful gentleman called Ian Laken, made the incredibly generous gesture of offering to cover the expense of Khan’s treatment.  I was frankly stunned by such kind-heartedness and owe Ian a huge debt of gratitude.  As Ian was going away the next day he emailed me to say he didn’t want Paypal taking a chunk of the money and could I provide him with my bank details so he could transfer £1000 to my account for the current and upcoming vet bills, which I did.


The next morning June called me and explained that if transferred Ian’s donation into the Parrotcare account then the Gift Aid scheme would add an additional 20% taking Ian’s already sizeable donation up to £1200!!!

June told me that she had expected Ian would step forward as “he had always been very good with his financial help to Parrotcare” 


When I asked June for the Parrotcare bank account details to effect the transfer of Ian’s donation, she told me to send it to her Paypal account. I tried to do this via my online banking but there was no option to send to Paypal so I asked her for a bank account and she gave me the details for an HSBC account.  She told me to forward her the invoices after I had paid them, and she would repay me.  She did this for all the invoices from Battleflatts up until a total of £950 . (I paid the bills from Mark Webster myself)  I never received reimbursement for the last invoice for £150 and June told me I would have to ask Ian for more money, to cover that, which I did not do (considering his donation plus the Gift Aid should have already more than covered it.)


Thankfully, the test results came back negative for metal poisoning, however Khan’s white blood cell count was very high (30% when normal range is 4 to 11%) which indicates some kind of infection that the body is fighting.  Additionally there was a 2% monocyte reading which is also indicative of something not right.  It was a huge relief to hear that the tumour was a papilloma type which although poses a risk of growing back, is not generally life threatening condition.


After being on poop watch all over Christmas there was no sign of the mysterious metal object, which by this time, both me and poor June, were racking our brains to think of what it could be.  Have to confess to only giving Khan a couple of doses of the Fybogel, as I felt having his food going straight through him was the last thing the poor boy needed after his surgery. So a couple of days after Christmas we travelled back down to Stamford Bridge and Khan was readmitted for x-ray to see if the object was still in situ and if so, a further flush to remove it.


I headed off to kill some time and an hour or so later I received a phone call to come straight back to the surgery for news of some rather unexpected developments.  Upon x-raying Khan from a different angle (looking down onto his back rather than from the side) it became clear that the metal object was on the outer, not inner wall of his gizzard.  This made it practically certain that it was indeed an airgun pellet and poor Khan had, at some time during his life been shot, with this pellet very narrowly missing his liver.  Furthermore, there was a second pellet buried in amongst the mess of broken bones in his drooping left wing.  Both wounds were completely healed and as the metal was not in his digestive system would not be posing a risk of metal poisoning.

I had previously asked June about the very obvious droop in Khan’s left wing.  She variously explained that he had been used as a photograper’s prop for tourists in Spain, and, for this purpose, his wing had been purposely twisted and broken to prevent him from flying.  She also told me that he had suffered a stroke a few years previously.  Mark Naguib was of the opinion that as the air gun pellet was directly embedded in among the catastrophic breakage in his wing, the most obvious conclusion was that that was the cause.  June told me that perhaps whoever had wanted to break his wing had used an airgun to do so.



The site of the excised tumour in his mouth had healed over beautifully and as the wheezing and vomiting was improving but still persisting, Mark advised that Khan continue with the antibiotic and antifungal medications and return in three weeks for further blood tests to see if the white blood cell counts had returned to normal levels.


So, a couple of weeks ago we went back to Battleflats surgery and reported to Mark that Khan was maintaining his body weight, thankfully, no longer vomiting, however, his wheezing, although vastly improved with the removal of the growth blockage, is still persisting. Mark felt this was a cause for concern and to find out the cause, it was decided that while Khan was anaesthetised for his throat exam and blood samples, an endoscopy to check out his air sacs and lungs would be prudent.


His air sacs, lungs, and other organs were all clear, but when removing the breathing tube, Mark found it was very clogged up with large clumps of white 'cheesy' matter. This is often classically indicative of Aspergillosis, which can sometimes be isolated in the trachea, but could also possibly be debris from an infection/abcess. Mark checked out the matter under a microscope and couldn't see Aspergillus organisms but wanted to have the lab check it out with more sophisticated stain methods. The results of this would take about a week along with the updated blood results.


So the latest results from Mark were good and bad news. Khan’s white blood cell count has come down but is still high. Normal count should be between 4 and 11 and Khan's were originally 30, but now down to 23 which means he is still fighting some infection.

The cheesy matter that was evident on the breathing tube from his last examination has not shown any Aspergillus, but a lot of bacteria and white blood cells, which indicates a bacterial infection in his trachea. I questioned why this wasn't evident on the previous examinations and Mark explained that the tube may simply have bypassed the clump of gunge previously. I also asked whether the abx may have caused a Candida infection as it can do with humans and he said no and that Candida is usually in a bird's mouth rather than trachea.


The upshot is that Khan is to continue with the abx and Sporanox and go back in four weeks to see if there has been any improvement.


Whilst on the subject of medications, I would just like to add that, like Claire who posted previously, I was also asked by Suzanne Weir, if I would be able to obtain supplies of Baytril from my vet for June to give the birds in her care. I refused, explaining that although my vet would sometimes allow me to buy repeat medication for birds he had treated, this was not always the case, and he would often need to see the bird again before a further prescription was issued.


An update on Khan


Khan has now been off medication for just over two weeks and is due to return for more blood tests to see if the white blood cell count is now lowered from the 18 it was at his last test, to normal levels and to check that the white bacterial matter in his trachea has cleared.  I very much hope this will be the case and that he can continue to enjoy a comfortable and happy life here, with his new flock.


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i have seen khan and he is a lovley lad,how that poor bird must have suffered for no other reason that it was yet another outrarge of the vet care that june says she gives birds who or intrusted into her care.  khan is a very very lucky boy to have been taken in by caron ,i have seen carons birds and you can see the time care and love she puts into her birds ,the place was immaculate.so once again i ask has june got 1 of your birds if so go see it yourself ,do not let her fob you of with lies.it makes me fear so much for our molly.look we have all been fooled by june so please come forward people she has got the birds from diffrent people.where are all our birds.they canot be in a 2 up 2 down terrace house or over a betting shop.i have seen both propertys my self .as i went to see if i could get molly back the propertys were shocking this is not a lie.why would i.as i said the truth will come out.i have mentioned the propertys as my fear for mollys wellfare escalated to feeling so scare and terrified i thought i would be physicaly sick.so please i cannot state this enough go and see your bird with your own eyes then u can decide for yourself if your bird is safe and well.thankyou lea once again we or not doing this out of any malice just true concern

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Please remember that when I picked up Khan I thought he was coming from a reputable, competent and capable rescue. I fully admit I was naive and made a grave error of judgement allowing Khan to interact with my other birds. I had heard lots of people saying June's place was dirty and in a bit of a state, but at this point, I had no idea that vet treatment was being denied and that there was Psittacosis or any infectious diseases there.  I trusted June and never dreamt that she would allow a bird to be rehomed with something like that being a possibility.

About a year ago, someone posted on the Parrotcare Facebook page about setting up a new rescue, where they had a membership fee and charged for rehoming, calling it an adoption fee. This was the reply she received, which is quite interesting considering the recent developments and your paragraph above...


Person who set up the rescue said...


That's great but how do you afford to test your birds for disease from that price I doubt you do all our birds are tested to lower the risk of spreading diseases, say if you had 2 birds already and you adopted one of ours and that had a disease which cud kill your other birds I don't think you would b happy n I wud never want to put someone through that, so if something was wrong with one of ur birds would you pay the vet bill

14 April 2012 at 08:18 via mobile



This is the reply she received...


We are a charity we raise money by donations,talks etc I also use my own money. All our birds are vet treated and in the 40 years I have been doing this NO bird has Ever gone into a new foster home ill in anyway. At the moment I have 60 birds here and I have had over 100, I have never had an infection or disease in my birds, I know what I am doing, I understand and know how to recognise bird illness, how to treat injuries etc, I give help and advise to bird owners (free of charge) every day on bird care. You may ask anyone (I am sure many of your friends know me) You asked if something was wrong with one of your birds would I pay the vets bill......No that is your job, if you are a rescue you should have the money already for that, what happens if you do not get any money in from bird "adoptions", does the bird have to wait for treatment until you do??? Do you have someone with enough knowledge to look after and care for an ill or injured birds long term, what about self mutilators that cannot be re homed,these can take years of heart braking work,or do you choose what birds you will take in.There are so many parts to being a rescue not just taking birds and re homing them. This is birds lives you are dealing with get it right and the bird has a happy life.....get it wrong and another bird suffers. Its all about the birds.

14 April 2012 at 11:00 • 5



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