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SUGGESTIONS for Topic Of The Week?

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What one should expect when buying a hand reared parrot!


This one is close to my heart as Ozzy was a nightmare,all he did was bite bite and bite again and believe me it really hurt..He was really lucky I am animal mad other wise he would have been returned to his breeder.

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How about:

What does your parrot destroy around Xmas time.

Or homemade parrot Xmas pressie ideas.

Your dream parrotty Xmas versus the reality.

Dangers to parrots at this festive season.

How to keep on top of the house hold chores, pull off the perfect Xmas and keep parrots and small children happy.


Bit of a Xmas theme to the ideas obviously. But I am in no way panicking. So what if I haven't bought half the presents yet, nothing is wrapped, the parrots are fighting and the children are running around in a sugar induced mania...

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