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Invented by Humans for Parrots

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Top of the list: The Vacuum Cleaner. Without this crucial invention it is unlikely that humans would for long have continued the practice of keeping birds indoors!


The Washing Machine: Another essential item of any self respecting parrot owner. 'nuff said...


The Mobile Phone: To have your 'pet' calmed and soothed by the vet as you are transported in with some trivial malady is absolutely essential to arriving at the aforemention veterinarians surgery in one piece... If you have never seen a panicked pet human female behind the wheel of a car then think yourself fortunate!


Mobile Phone Hands Free Kit: See Above.


The Computer: This was an accidental invention by a parrot called Alex, but is now an essential part of any parrot home for research and study of the human character and behaviour, much can be learned from observing your pet human while they surf sites such as youtube and facebook. An ever evolving vocabulary of new words and sounds can be mimicked and learned for later reproduction.


Safety Enclosure (Also known as 'the panic room'): This is a purely self defensive device that enables parrots to live with their pets knowing that nothing in their world can touch them. Aka parrot cage.


There are many other things that have been invented who's origin can be traced back to the need for either accommodating, caring for or clearing up after... A parrot.


But remember this: Without us our pet humans would have no sense of humour and be as boring as hell...

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