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Advice Needed - Jimmie

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I was so sorry to read this; how horrible to lose someone dear, and how even more horrible to lose someone in this way. Still, I echo previous commenters: it sounds like you gave her a few extra years of good happy life, and I'm sure she was very grateful for that. Something to take comfort in, however little it might help at the moment.



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Thank you all. Fuzz - i wanted to say something to her, it was hard but comforting writing it - thanks.


Off to vets today to settle her bills and do the insurance paperwork :( I thought I was doing ok but the receptionist was really nice and it started me off : going when theres no customers at lunch time but dreading it :( we get jims ashes back next week and we will set her free.


Mackie is doing ok, very vocal and wanting to stay close.


Thank you again for your kind words x

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