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Avian Vet in Cleveland/North Yorkshire

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I've noticed a couple of recent threads requesting details of local avian vets, and thought I'd like to invite any personal recommendations of vets in my area.


In the past I have consulted both Matt Brash in York and Nigel Harcourt-Brown in Harrogate, unfortunately however, both these vets are no longer treating birds.


I'm fortunate to have a very competent and extensively experienced, avian interest not certified, vet right on my doorstep - Mark Webster at the Wilton House Surgery in Guisborough, who I have seen for routine appointments. Mark has proven to be very good, knowledgable and capable however, he is the only vet in the practice who is bird orientated and I prefer to have a second option in case of an emergency or if Mark is unavailable.


I have used Ian at Pennine Vets in Bury also, but this is a three hour drive away from me, so would be interested to know of any good avian vets a little closer that anyone here could recommend?

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