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CAG and dogs

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Hi all,

My baby cag comes home in 5 weeks, so I have introduced the cage into the house for my small dog to get use to. Also leaving some parrot toys around, so he can get use to the new stuff and not totally associate it with the new parrot. Georgie the dog previously played nicely with my chickens who have since died, so I believe he will be fine with the little one under close observation. What i'm wondering is whether the dogs saliva on toys or from a smll lick should be totally discouraged. I don't really want to tell george not to play with the parrot toys or chew the as he may take offence. Is a dogs saliva as bad as humans, or will the parrot be ok chewing toys the dog has.

Any ideas folks.

Also any ideas on joint people, parrot and dog games, toys or tricks.

George is very close to me and we do a lot together and hopefully the parrot will do the same. I would hate George to rescent the new baby in any way, as he has been my sole little un for a long time,.

Thanks in advance for reading, and responding.

Yours AMber

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