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Guess who is home?????

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OMG! :shock: They let you out??????????




Welcome home! Does anybirdie recognise you? :lol::lol::lol:

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Sorry not been about much but i am still home and doing well {thanks for all the messages} but very tired, when you consider that my room was very close to the bathroom and loo so that was all i had to walk every day then just getting around the house is tiring. The animals were all pleased to see me although Charlie did take a long look at me and say 'who is it?' lol.

the dogs have licked me all over and insist on being very close when i sit down. Chi had been plucking a little again on his chest but they are growing back now so we are all doing well.

I had to go back to the hospital on Tuesday to have my blood checked for my warfarin dose and had to go to the eye clinic yesterday as my sight has deteriorated quite a bit while i was in hospital. it seems that my central vision is being obscured by fluid so need more laser but they have warned me that it may not help and this could be the best it is going to get.

Wow dont i moan a lot lol, so pleased to be home and hopefully will soon be back to being a gobby member


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