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Pottys Mum

Happy Hatchday, Skinny!

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Well, we have had a fun morning.


First Skinny helped me with the laundry.


She flew off with my sox, my knickers and then got hold of one of my bras :shock:


She was hanging off my T shirt when I was trying to fold up a pillow case. So I pulled it over my head and we were both inside it. She wasn't the least bit phased and carried on having a good old chew :roll:


Next it was time for my cuppa and the crossword. Well, I got half way through before she decided to come and help. She helped by tearing up the magazine, so that all the clues were chewed and I couldn't go any further :P


Meanwhile, Merln and Mabel had found the bag of pistachios that I had forgotten to put away - they helped themselves and there are crumbs and shells all over 8)


Then Skinny decided that she wanted to make a nest in my lap, which she did using the paper she'd shredded and my T shirt.


We've now had eggy dinner, so there is egg and peppers all over the place...


...and Charley, who spent the first hour of the day up here at work, now has a tummy so stuff full of eggy dinner she looks as if she will burst :lol:


...just another day in the Potty household :P

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happy hatchday skinny!!!! Tiki had a good day chewing my washing as well and she helped me read the sunday paper (well i managed a couple of pages before the rest was shredded) and she decided her nest was under the settee and this much like you was followed by having a bath! Must be something in the air!

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