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Little Als Mum

Help with egg laying macaw

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Hi all,

I have had my two handreared greenwing macaws for around five years or so now, and they have hated each other all that time. Anyway, about eight months ago they fell in love (!) didn't worry us as Max is a little "Slow" so we figured nothing much would happen.


Tonight, Blue was making an odd noise, sounded like she was struggling to breathe, so I got her out (it was 10pm, they were all covered for the night) and it turned out she laid an egg. It took her around five minutes and it was a little bloody, is this normal?


I have put her under the coffee table in her "nest" where she likes to play, and I will surround it with jumpers for tonight.


My questions:

- She doesn't have a nestbox in her cage, we had no idea this would happen, can I move her and the egg onto her cage floor?

- She has been very aggressive to Max the last few days, he still tries to feed her, should I keep them seperate?

- I don't want to get into handrearing, any advice on how to help her along with parent rearing, things to look out for etc

- Just need some help please, I'm panicking a little over here!!


Thanks so much for any help,


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Blood smears on the egg is nothing to worry about.

The chance of success without a nest box is slim but anything is possible with birds.

I would not surround her with jumpers as there is a good chance she will get her feet caught in the wool.

At the moment you do not know if the egg is fertile so no need to worry about chicks yet!

It is easy to parent rear but that is some way off at the moment.

I would leave the birds together but be prepared to split them if the aggression increases.

In future it may be an idea to give them a nest box and leave them to it.If the parents are tame then the young will tame very quickly without any effort when parent reared.

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further to that, i dont know about the set up you have, bird room cage etc but i would put her and egg back into cage, the coffee table may end up being a no go area for you as she will be protective over that area where her egg is. the male will feed her but give them lots of soft food, and of course in a couple of days she may well lay again, if you make her a nest in the corner of the cage then perhaps should she lay again it will be in there.

they have managed to lay without you doing anything different so other than moving the egg where she has easy access to it there need be nothing more to do at the moment.

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Thanks so much for the advice. She woke up about midnight and gave me cuddles and kisses for a while, but didn't want to go back to the coffee table. So I moved her and egg back to her cage, I put it on the floor near a corner. She went to sleep on her perch next to Max as usual.


This morning, she has shown no interest in the egg. She came into the kitchen and played with my feet |(I think she sees them as chicks as she is always trying to feed them) while I made their breakfast - she must have been hungry because she ate Pip's, half her own when in the kitchen and then when I refilled them she ate her own again and most of Max"s !! They get mostly fruit, veggies and nuts in the morning, with a little piece of cheese which is her favourite.


Currently, she continues to ignore the egg, so I think I will let her be and leave it up to her to decide - whilst I would keep another couple of macaws if she had them, 2 greenwings is pretty much enough for any one house!!


Any other advice would be greatly appreciated x

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