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Protecting The Scarlet Macaw From Extinction

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InfoWeb Press) The scarlet macaw or guacamaya is a large-sized bird, measuring up to 79 cm and weighing of up to 900 grams. It is characterized for having a long tail.


Its color is scarlet, with yellow feathers partly covering its wings; its tail feathers are called rectrices, they are blue, with two central scarlet colored feathers.


Its face is devoid of feathers, exposing its white bone colored skin. It has a strong and hooked beak that serves to open the hard seeds it feeds from.


Its principal food source are the seeds of trees such as the espabel, almond tree, mangrove, ginocuabe, ojoche, Sandbox tree and Kapok trees.


It nests in hollow tree trunks in heights superior to 6 meters, preferring the tops of Brazilian firetrees, Kapok, ceibo barrigón trees.


In this country, they were abundant principally in the Pacific Ocean and the northern regions, where it was common to see them flying in big flocks approximately 40 years ago, but today only about 260 individuals inhabit the region of Carara, a few may also be spotted in the lower region of the Tempisque river, between Palo verde and the Rosario peaks, Caballito, Barra Honda and the Jesús peaks located in the province of Guanacaste.


A little known population also exists in the Osa Peninsula, which is easy to spot in the mountain ranges near the Port of Jiménez and next to the Oro River in the regions surrounding Carate beach.


It is also possible to observe a few specimens in the northern zone of the country. It is very probable that they are dispersed between the northern part of Costa Rica and the southern par of Nicaragua.


The list of dangers that the macaw faces include deforestation, which eliminates their nesting sites and their food sources and their persecution in order to be marketed as pets.

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