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Saxon my mealy amazon

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As to my other post in help wanted



He as got worse squawking and biting even when you only walk past his cage,

and to clean his cage and change his water and food that's hard enough,


He use to let you clean his cage and change his food and water and stroke his head, now that's out of bounds


tried all things to stop it but he is like a teenager with too side to them,


In the day when he is naughty i cover him up and leave the room,

is this the right thing to do,


I brought him one of them birdy babble balls, since then he got worse so took it of him to see how he acts

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Possibly the honeymoon period is over, and now the hard work starts :shock: Usually given a few weeks and the bird settles in the true behavior comes out. You were doing really well with him, so I would carry on the way you have been and try and ignore his shouting (I say try as I know how loud they can be). I wouldn't change anything at this stage, and tbh I would let him have his babble ball back - It sounds like he liked it? And if he was playing with it, then that can only be a good thing given his history :D

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