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welcome to the mad house

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i just have to tell you what i woke up to yesterday evening, i was working nights and when i got up i found hubby a little merry cooking tea (or breakfast in my case)

he had a beer or two watching the rugby and previously had been walking the dog and had got soaked so had taken his trousers off but didnt want to wake me up by coming into the bedroom to get dry ones so was cooking tea in his underpants and t shirt.

the dog was barking madly at the front door trying to scare the kids off that were playing outside, i was expecting a lady at any minute to collect some stuff i had put on freecycle, and i suddenly realised freddie was sat ontop of the tumble dryer

now i never let the dog in the room when freddie is out so i shut hubby and freddie in the kitchen, put charlie dog in the hall and answered the door to the lady with a wriggling barking dog under my arm whilst trying to pass her a number of heavy carrier bags (what a mad house she must have thought)

then i went and got freddie back in his cage and started berating hubby for letting him out having him in the kitchen with him etc etc when he told me he hadnt let him out freddie had escaped,

apparantly hubby had been minding his own business cooking tea when freddie landed on the back of his neck and took a big bite! (obviously for ignoring him)

so i woke up to a near naked chef, being bitten by a parrot with a mad dog barking a saturday night in a and e was very tame after that lol

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Someone trying to persuade me to change energy suppliers called round the other day and while talking, asked if he could use my loo! I wouldn't normally let a stranger in but felt it was safe enough but warned him a parrot was about.


Willow literally chased him upstairs and clung to the bathroom door frame trying to get in, then chased him back downstairs. He left very quickly, looking a bit pale.


I dread to think how the scene was portrayed back at the office!

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