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Help and advice for handrearing Kakarikis please

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Hello :D I am a new member to this forum. And if possible I would like some advice on how to handrear (or partly) Kakarikis. I have searched google and come up with nothing. Also I have not hand reared before,

(well I do remember finishing off rearing a part grown baby sparrow until he was big enough to be freed.)

I wondered if the best path I could take would be to let mum rear them until they were a little larger,then maybe I could take over to finish rearing. Any comments on this idea?

I do not have any babies right now, but I have just taken on some Kakarikis from someone who has cleared their aviary, and amongst them are a prolific breeding pair. Infact the move of aviary could do this breeding pair a bit of good, it might stop them breeding for a while and give the poor hen some rest, as I believe she just lays cluth after clutch, so could do with a good rest. But when they settle I am prepared for arrivals. I am a pet parrot owner of some 30 years now so know the rudiments. My pet birds are... a hand reared Sun Conure, a hand reared Goffins cockatoo, a self tamed aviary bred Grey(he tamed himself over time) and together in an indoor aviary are 2 oranged winged amazons.

many years ago I bought a handreared Kakariki and he was the most wonderful cheeky little pet. It would be nice to handrear a baby or two. Can you help please?

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