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ParrotAlert - www.parrotalert.com

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I'm getting close to the initial phase 1 release of parrotalert.com.


Here is a screen shot of the home page:


Posted Image


I've still got some things to finish off for phase 1.


Then phase 2 will contain a lot more advanced features, the key is getting

the core functionality out there to start helping lost and found parrots.


If you haven't done so already, you can pre register via parrotalert.com

and you'll be notified when it is live.

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:( Our african grey escaped yesterday at 10 am she is only 17 months we searched until it got dark last night and again from first light this morning to no avail. The pain is dreadful I wish this site was already working but at least I have registered. She escaped in downley High Wycombe if people can spread the word. I have registered on every site I can find.

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Just to let you know, i've started rolling out parrotalert.com

There are still things to implement and loose ends to tie up, so bare with me.

I felt i needed to get this out due to the demand from people contacting

me regarding lost and found birds.

You can officially now report: lost, stolen and found birds.


If you haven't signed up already, visit: http://www.parrotalert.com

and click register at the top of the page.

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I've still got a lot more functionality to add over time.

I don't think i'll have the energy to pat myself on the back when it's

finally complete. It's functional, which is the main thing.


Just need more of you who haven't signed up, to wander over to

parrotalert.com and register and also, if anyone has lost, stolen

or found a bird, you can start adding it.

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The search location facility now works on parrotalert.com

1 reported loss was added tonight by a user, it relates to an existing

Grey posted on here. You'll find it near brentwood, Essex, if searched.


parrotalert.com - is now officially open for business.

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