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taming my sennie

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hiya!! i have an 8 month old senegal parrot called Stoney 8) , ive had him now for about 7 weeks so im not expecting miracles lol. we're his 3rd home, he was parent reared and his previous owner didnt have time for him, so we now have him, yay! any hoo i was wonderin if any one had any advice on getting him hand tame, im not expecting miracles, ive got him to the stage now where he will eat out of my hand but he still wont let me near him, he's just had his wings clipped so he can come out as last time he came out he knocked himself out on the window ](*,) :( . any way if any one has any advice we (me and stoney) would be very very grateful!

thank in advance Libby & Stoney :D

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