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Do you live near Glasgow ? scam

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As usual in this weeks Friday Ad there is or what seems to be the usual bird scams, in this weeks there was 2 Hyacinth macaws for £240 , so for a bit of fun I emailed ther advertiser , about the birds , the reply came back with sob story and free shipping !! when I asked where he was he said Glasgow when I said I would like to collect he gave his address as Renfrew Streeet G3 6UW and house number , any one know this address

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I'm not near Glasgow, but do know that Renfrew St is slap bang in the centre of the city and is a street of shops, business offices, hotels etc... Not much scope for a Hyacinth aviary there I would have thought ?!? :?

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You could try making out you've stayed at the hotel b4 so know where it is(kind of a I won't have probs finding it type thing) and see what he says.It's difficlut to decide whether he would bother giving any address once you said you'd pick up the bird and I presume pay on collection.It's a shame there is nobody closer who could pop there to see if the bird does exist in the hotel.


Another option is to contact the hotel directly and see fi they know anything about it.I'm sure they'd like to be aware if some1 is using their address as a scam!

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Of course its a scam , he is advertising a blue n gold this week in Falmouth but got a picture of a hyacinth at the same price £240, have reported to the friday ad and they have both been removed,

here's the reply I got from him ( email )




thanks for the mail and the interest in my

SWEETEST HYCINTH MACAW.They are still available and ready for a

loving home.The SWEETEST 2 HYCINTH MACAW are very good in making fun

and love having fun with people especially kids.They

are going to make you and your family happy. How soon

will you want Them ?They are

already vet checked and DNA registered and they will

be coming with a one year health guarantee..i am giving out these


just moved from town to our new location Glasgow,Scotland where we

moved to a new

apartment and our landlord has rejected the SWEETEST HYCINTH MACAW

and housing

policies.Despite several appeals we have made to him pleading,he was

on his words.Actually i am letting these

SWEETEST HYCINTH MACAW go for adoption so all you will be doing is

getting them

shipped to your location and putting their adoption papers together

,ie responsible for the delivery fee

please give me a respond with your location so i can get delivery

quotes from a pet carrier service.the delivery fee for these macaw is £240

NB.You can as well ring us at ******* so we can chat better

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