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Norty Rude Birds

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Yesterday we were having a new central heating system put in. The plumber is NOT a birdie/animal person and sees them as a mess and a nusance! He told me this when he did the rewiring.


Anyway as he walking into the dining room (well birdroom for now) one of them shouted "what the F*** are you doing" he looked at the birds and they were all like statues.


Every time he bent over or knelt down "rasberries" could be heard followed by giggles


As he was packing away his things one of them piped up "Good Foxtrot Oscar!"


He told me this as he arrived here this morning with a "helper" in tow he was so excited and couldn't wait for the birds to start on him so he could show his mate that he wasn't making it up................... Guess what NONE of them said a word!

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