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im still having problems

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im still having problems with my senegal,he is now getting worse rather than better with his behaviour,hes now 1 year old,ive had him from a baby hand reared,he was really friendly as soon as we had him although he was nippy from the start,even as a baby,ive posted seveal topics on here over the past year about this but now his behaviour is getting worse,no one can walk past his cage without him lunging forward to try to attack them and he has tried to bite my husband and children,i am the main carer for him and hes lovely wwith me although he will turn suddenly and start trying to bite me then he will go loving again.ive tried everything in the help sections and everything people have told me to try,its a shame coz hes a lovley bird,very comical and hes now talking but i think i will have to look at rehoming him with someone who doesnt have children as he doesnt seem to like them,i think he needs someone on their own who he can take to and not have anyone else around,i love him loads and it really upsets me thinking i will have to rehome him but im worried that he will hurt my children.

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