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weight loss support thread

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Guest Dura

I know that no-one has posted here in a long time so I hope it's ok for me to post this but I though it might help anyone who is on their own weight loss journey to know that real people in the real world can shift decent amounts of lard without resorting to surgery or ultra low calorie diets.


This first pic was taken in early 2006, I weighed about 22 stone at the time and was a size 26, this wasn't even my heaviest, by the beginning of 2007 I weighed 23 stone.

Posted Image

The photo below was taken in about March/April this year having lost about 8 stone and down to a size 18 (although wearing size 20 clothes in this pic which don't exactly flatter lol)

Posted Image


I lost the weight by eating well and taking regular exercise which began by walking and built up to regular cycling, running and going to the gym.

I did 8 weeks of WeightWatchers about a year ago and found their points method heped me to add some foods to my diet that I'd formerly given up as too unhealthy.

Fortunately for me I love sport and so I had good motivation to stick to the exercise, I quit the gym at Easter and used the money I've saved to build myself a custom road bike.


Posted Image

I've also had my hair cut in the past few months,I've been getting it cut progressively shorter as I've lost the weight lol.

Posted Image


I still have some more weight to lose but it's been enjoyable and not really as hard as I would have imagined.

I hope my story so far might inspire someone else to lose weight and get fitter if they want to.

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