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Anyone who says birds are messy

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I had to chuckle when you panned over and showed the total devastation on the table top. :lol:

It usually looks like that once they've been out for about...............................................ten seconds! Great my dining table, aint it?! :oops: :lol:


You should see the floor before I clear it up at the end of each day!


On second thoughts, no, you should not! :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol:


I do clear up any big bits of food or chewed up wood but the main clearing up of newspaper I leave til the end of the day as it's just not worth doing it earlier coz they make the same mess again!


The only paper I replace a couple of times is the paper immediately where the y drop food on the playstand coz they do sometimes go down and eat from there so don't want any poo there for long!

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Mine are currently enjoying rice crackers from the baby dept in Boots, they are not expensive and are a great healthy treat for everyone, all the birds love them, so do the chins, Spike as usual will eat it if it is edible and give it a good go even if it isnt but Barney is a little pickier and doesnt like them lol. So a bag doesnt last long here

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