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Toxic fumes?

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I have been sent this.........


Dear Club Member,


I was just wondering if you knew how 'toxic' the fumes would be that are emmitted into the air during the curing/drying process of POLYRESIN used to adhere FIBREGLASS wrap to drainage pipes.


Specifically, I was wondering if the drying fumes might injure and/or kill my Jardine and Parrotlet birds in the same area as these fumes. Should humans (especially babies) also be carefull and only use this product in a well ventilated area?


Do you know if the fumes are carcinogenic or petroleum based or could they make humans also dizzy or sick?


The odour sure smells like it could be harmful. What do you suggest when working with these products inside an apartment building hallway and how long should this area be ventilated if these fumes are in fact a problem to birds and/or humans?


Much appreciated for any info or web sites on the toxicity of these products.



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Very 'toxic' Will kill all parrots

Do not use in any building with birds in it,


ventilate building for at least 3 days before putting birds back.


Babies/children/humans should be treated the same way as the birds.


Have a look at this site;-



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These polyresin materials used with fibreglass do have very pungent vapours until they cure off. And if for no other reason than the fact that they have a high level of airbourne vapour, I would not use them in an area which does not have adequate ventilation.


The chemicals supplied must have a classification label, these days stating if they are "Toxic" "irritant" "corrosive" etc.


Most probably they are classified as irritant. If Toxic then there could be carcinogenic fumes produced ?


But once the resin is solidified normally there is no longer any chemical risk.


But eitherway the hazard would be the same for human or bird.

So if you use these materials remove your birds until the fumes have gone, and wear a paper fume mask whilst you are working with the materials (these should be supplied).


You can tell I am a chemist :D

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