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Charlie willingly got off her cage!

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As some of you may know, Charlie, Mark's YCA, NEVER willingly leaves the outside of her cage. Charlie is perfectly capable of flying but very rarely does.


Well I went to Mark's this afternoon to help him pack ready for his move. I sat down on the floor and Charlie immediately walked down the cage and onto the floor to explore!


I know she didn't come down to see me but I'm wondering if after spending quite a lot of time at my house and seeing Mojo and Shinda interacting with me that somehow seeing me made her think of coming off the cage.


Well, that's something we'll never know but honestly, she has never done this before! She will occasionally have a little wander about if she's flown and crash-landed but that's it.


Video clip I took on my phone! Had to record the occasion! Note her laughing!



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She looks quite comfy down there. I had to laugh at the speed at which you retrieved the scissors. :D

Too right!


It was funny coz Charlie kept trying to chew all sorts of fun things (like scissors, presents, carrier bags etc!) and Mark said to her 'Why can't you chew something safe?'.


I said 'Welcome to the world of 'proper' parrots'! :lol::lol::lol:


He just isn't used to living with a parrot which sees all and sundry as fair game in the chewing stakes! :D:D

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