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reds christmas story

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This is a beautiful Christmas story written by Nancy Meiers




Ever wonder how mysterious red feathers appear in your home on

Christmas, or how empty nut shells appear on your floor.

Or better yet, how did they get out of their cage on Christmas?

Let me tell you:


This is the story of a beautiful Scarlet Macaw that lived

In the rain forest of Peru a long time ago.

Now this beautiful bird was named Reds.

He was different from the other macaws,

He always looked after the other birds, if they were weak or small or sick.

He took care of everyone else but himself.

Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa visited the rain forest

And asked each bird what they needed or wanted;

Reds made sure the others got first pick.

Santa would then ask Reds what he wanted, but he always

Asked for food for the others or medicine for the sick ones.

Every year it was the same scene;

He never asked for anything for himself.

He was happy to help the others and it made him proud

to see them all eating treats and playing and singing

On Christmas Day.


Many years passed by and Reds was getting older. He was starting to

Have a touch of Arthritis in his wings. It was harder for him to fly

Any distance and his eyesight was not what it used to be, but still

Nothing changed, he was just a little slower and more tired, his

Feathers not quite as bright, but he continued to help the others.


Then one year on Christmas Eve, Santa stopped as usual and once again,

He asked Reds What he wanted for Christmas.

With great difficulty and pain,

he climbed up on Santa's knee and said, "Can you make me young again?"

"You see, I am in pain now and can't get around as easy to check on Everyone."


Santa thought about this and turned to Reds, and said, "You know my friend;

This job is getting to be too much for me also,

so I was thinking of taking on an Assistant to deliver to my feathered friends."

"Who better than You?"

"It doesn't pay a lot but the rewards are the best".

"The only thing is you must leave the forest".

"Leave the forest? It is the only place I know.

Who will take care of the others if I go with you?"

Santa said "Look around, they have each other to depend on.

It is time someone did something for you".

Reds talked to the others and they agreed it was time for him to go,

so he climbed on Santa's shoulder and off they flew that night.


Now Reds will never grow any older or have any pain and every year on

Christmas Eve, make sure you leave some walnuts out, because, if you

Hear tiny claws on your roof, you know it is Santa Bird, come to visit

Your feathered friends

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Lovely Karen :lol:


although if I were to leave walnts out and then heard tiny clews it would most likely be one of mine after the walnuts :twisted:

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