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Guest ramagel

Oh dear - bad advice from an 'expert' or sloppy plagiarism?

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Guest ramagel

I was happily reading this article http://www.vin.com/proceedings/Proceedings.plx?CID=WSAVA2002&PID=2575 (referenced from one of the excellent InfoTopics here) and was finding it informative and seemingly authoritative. Then I came across this "All parrots should be provided with grit. The grit sold for pigeons is suitable. Parrots start to take it as soon as they are weaned."


Oh dear


The author does say the he qualified as a vet in 1973 and maybe that was the wisdom then (although I doubt it - presumably even THAT long ago ( ;) ) vets knew that parrots hull their seed!), but it is now thoroughly debunked - except for pet shops which insist on selling it and folks who perpetuate the myth.


I suppose he could have been referring to grit as source of calcium (but my guess is that the reference to pigeon grit probably means he wasn't), but the statement is just there on its own without context, so I can't say for sure. Did he just do a cut-and-paste job from somewhere else? Who knows. In any event it's sloppy.


Seeing something so egregious tends - in my head at least - to call into question anything else the writer has to say. Except that I know at least some of what he has to say is right - but should I then mistrust anything else he says that I haven't had independently verified elsewhere? Well, there we are: that's the nature of all information, isn't it.


Should we have a sticky on grit? It's probably in the nutrition section somewhere and I just haven't got there yet - so MUCH to read!

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