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Guest ramagel

My opinion on a "Direct Power" bird cage.

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Guest ramagel

I bought this cage on eBay for £65 2nd hand. They are advertised new there and various other places. The cage is a dome top cage, 185cm high (2m incl feet) 74cm deep 105cm wide.


If I'd bought it new I'd have been disappointed with it at that price, but it retails at much more, and other cages in this range are more expensive and of similar build quality.


Unless you can inspect this brand before you buy it, you might want to consider my following observations.


It is shoddily made, with tag welds on bars already failing in three places (a top of vertical bar to cross bar weld, and two 'joining' welds on the feeder doors). The so-called "heavy duty baked on powder coat finish" is neither heavy duty nor baked on. Sprayed on more like. It is flaking off in many places already – anywhere anything rubs or where the metal is stressed or where anything knocks against it. The shoot-bolts in the locks are already rusty.


It is constructed of 3mm 'bars' with a far too big vertical fixing distance of 33-34 cm and can easily be bent with finger-tip pressure - a large macaw would permanently deform the bars if not tear then from their fragile welds. The bar spacing is 32mm. The cage is so flimsy it does not assemble square.


The locks cannot be described as parrot proof (simple shoot bolts) that barely reach into their housings.


The door of this 6' high cage is 39" high but is placed at the bottom of the front, meaning one cannot reach up to the roof of the cage through it. The cage is too tall/door so badly placed that you cannot reach to the top of the cage through the door, unless you are a small tall child and are inside the cage; you cannot reach into the top of the cage through the top unless you are 8' tall . The door should have been mounted higher up. The dome top and opening doors are shoddily constructed and do not fit well (although even my Montana cages suffer from this problem).


The framing is 12mm square section but only on the front and back - the already flimsy sides attach to the front and back sections by 2mm strips. The fixings are 5mm Allen key bolts.


The bottom tray barely sits in its rails - neither it not the cage are square, and although the cage has only been assembled once and disassembled prior to me having it, and no bird has actually inhabited it, the so-called "heavy duty baked on powder coat finish" has already abraded away where the tray slides and the (I assume) mild steel is already rusting.


I can make it work for me because it sits right next to me as I type and I can keep an eye on the birds that are in there during the day if they cannot for some reason be out on their perches. My plans to use it as a sleeping cage for my B&G macaws will not materialise – it is simply too flimsy and I am concerned about the nature and toxicity of the so-called powder coating.


Make sure you physically inspect any “Direct Power” cage before buying it – and if buying new, make sure you know your rights under Distance Selling Regulations.

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Why are they getting away with such shoddily made goods? I hate my cages too, and pretty much all the problems you describe with yours are the same as mine!


I need to win the lottery to afford the real hardcore "uber" cages that I would love though.


Blimmin disgraceful its is!

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