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cag feels a bit fin (thin)

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i have been watching my cag and he feels a bit fin to me but i am not sure, but i can feel his brest bone his got fat either side like he has always had, but i am worried that his losing weight, his only a year old please can anyone advise me i am very worried

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Have you ever weighed him?

It is a good idea to weigh them from time to time, if not regularly.


Do just take him for a vet check if you are worried. The vet weighs as a matter of course. Do remember to ask what he weighs before you leave, and make a note :) :wink:


Bear in mind your scales and the vets may be slightly different, so if you weigh him when you get home, you may notice a slight difference. But if you do it straight away and note it down, you will know that the weight you have with your scales is okay.

As long as you can see whether he goes up or down it is a good indication.

And weigh at a regular time like before breakfast, and allow a few grams if he has eaten. or vice versa.

Good Luck

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