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Guest ramagel


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Guest ramagel

Apart from the sections on 'Healing with Color' and 'Crystal Therapy' and the like, can anyone vouch for any of the information on this site?


It seems to be authoritative and credible, but I'd appreciate any feedback from folks who might know ..


There are some posts inhere that reference the site, but none which speak directly to its credibility.


Ta muchly

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No can't vouch for anything there, and they have a disclaimer.

At the bottom of this page. Under Legal stuff


I used to read it a lot, it is interesting. Some good and common sense stuff there, also some other stuff, bit of a mixture.

Sometimes you can find names and references so you can evaluate whether it comes from a considered knowledgeable source.


Not sure which link you have but the one below explains all.

There is a discussion group still. With a link to it on this page


The site is no longer added to, but everything still there.

So you could join there if you wished, and maybe find out.

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