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Green Amazon

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Please can someone tell me a bit about the Green Amazon ??


talking ability



life span


someone I know wants one rehomed complete with a 3 tier cage and as I have plenty of space was considering taking him on as he is 4 years old.


I have got a African Grey called 'Archie' who we have had for 2 months nearly and he is 5 years old and is brilliant with me but would this upset him in anyway if we were to add the Green Amazon all be it in sepereate cages??





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I'm afraid all Amazons are mostly green so we cannot help unless you can maybe tell us more like beak colour/s, wing colours, size and head colours?


Sorry to hear this bird is to be rehomed - do you know why? I ask as some problems like cage territorial jealousy or over bonding with one person may make him harder to integrate with the one you already have, and/or screeching may mean the new bird teaches the one you already have to join in.


This may give you some idea about introducing another bird? ....



(from the forum's INFORMATION TOPICS© section .... https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/22-parrot-link-information-topics/

why not have a stroll around to see what interests you?)


(EDITED: coz I forgot to put the link in :oops: )

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