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Pottys Mum

Our early morning cuppa :)

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All of the Grey Gang love tea 8)


In the morning, I have to cool my first cuppa and share it with each of them in turn.


Merlin and Mabel usually drink together. He takes a beakful and gives it to her, really sweet :P


Today for the FIRST time, Merlin flew to my shoulder for his cuppa - and promptly fed me :shock: :lol: :oops: :roll: :wink:


I'm chuffed to bits :P


But I'm not entirely sure chilli flavoured tea is my favourite :?

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Oh thats lovely ...sharing cups of tea together ...Ive never tried Alfie with tea as I dont drink tea and I know coffee is bad for them so I always hide my coffee , but sometimes he does try tolick the bottom of the cup while im drinking it :)

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