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Guest Marilyn

Stolen Birds

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Guest Marilyn

I am cross posting this from another board that I also

belong to, please help if you can!!


My name is dallas jackson our home was broken into on wed

jan 14 04.

we had 3 parrots stolen, 2 african greys and 1 yellow nape

amazon, the

birds are 9 yrs old and were in excellent condition when

stolen. the

2 greys do not talk much, the female coco very seldom says


the male grey will talk every once in awhile his name is

baby, the

greys are of the congo type with red tails. the yellow nape

likes to

talk a lot and his name is BARNEY and he is proud of it.

these birds

are very dear to us my wife has cried for 3 days now when

you have

someone that long they are considered part of the family.

we had other

things stolen, but the birds are our #1 concern. I am

trying to email

anyone that i can find on the internet in the hope that

whoever stole

them will try to sell them together or seperate, Also

whoever receives

my emails, and has other contacts at breeders or pet shops,

flea mkts

etc , if you could fwd this to anyone that might be able to



it would be greatly appreciated. i heard from a source on

sat that he

heard some birds were going to be moved to houston texas,

but he could

not confim it to be a fact, A reward will be offered, no



we just want the birds back. thanks for any help that

anyone can


and as i said if you can fwd this to anyone, who might be

able to help

it would be appreciated. you can call me any time day or

night, collect

if you have to. i called all of the pet shops in dallas,

and went to


of the flea mkts, but with no luck.


cell# 469-682-2021 work 214-398-5443 home 214-275-9132

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