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Hi David,


I am working on a program for CBBC called Animals at Work and wanted to have a chat about your amazing parrots! I have included some details about the show below and some possible help you maybe able to give us.


Animals at Work is a magazine show, made by Cineflix Productions for Children’s BBC. The series covers animals from all over the world including animals as lifeguards, fire investigators and therapists. The stories aim to showcase the animal’s amazing professional accomplishments and the human-animal bond.


The section I am working on is filming very short pieces (around 2 minutes) of animals that have unusual habits or do something a little bit different. We are filming at the moment and I am contacting you as I was hoping we maybe able to chat about the possibility of filming your parrots – I am looking for the kind of thing that would appeal to children watching the show i.e. Talking, moving objects, anything that you find fun!


Many thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,






Erin Wallace


Animals At Work

Cineflix Productions

W: http://www.cineflix.com

E: ewallace@cineflix.com

T: 020 3179 0099 Ext. 125

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