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Harry's Mummy

About time too ......

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Just seen this on Sky News and =D>


The future is not orange for young ladies at a high-achieving school. It is cracking down on "Jordan lookalikes" who turn up for class with cheap fake tans.


Headteacher Carol Robinson has also red-carded bling jewellery, make-up, mini-skirts and trainers at Baines School in Lancashire.


She warned parents she did not want girls following in the footsteps of WAGS and glamour girls like Jodie Marsh and Jordan, famous for their tangerine-glow tans.


"We have young girls coming in to school, 11 and 12, that feel pressured to go out and daub themselves in this orange," Mrs Robinson said.


"They have streaks on their legs and orange hands - that is what we are saying is not acceptable.


"Those celebrities are not 12 and 13. They are all a lot older and that is fine, they are not in school."


Dubbed "Jaffa fakes" by the fashion world, the tans were also banned from Royal Ascot this year as a "style crime".


While stopping short of a complete ban, Mrs Robinson issued a letter to all parents at the comprehensive.


She wrote: "The current trend for fake/spray tans does little to enhance the appearance of our young ladies.


"We ask for your support in ensuring girls do not come to school looking varying shades of orange."


"This is not in keeping with the uniform and appearance standards Baines wishes to support."


Fake spray or bottle tans can now be bought for as little as £5 on the high street.


The reduction in price is thought to have led to an increase in younger girls using the products.

Or is it me just getting old ???? :oops:

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lmao@ jaffa fakes!


I love me tan, and always got it well wrong at school, but we used to have such a laugh applying it.


New rules at our schools are skirts have to be below the knee from September, there were too many of them turning up in their mini's I think.


Talk about put the teachers off their job!

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