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update - Tom and Jess

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Well I know I've not been on much but things here have been a little hectic.


Tom and Jess are getting on fab and they can't be away from each other with out a lot of shouting and flying around to find each other. It can be pretty funny sometimes, they always look so relived when they meet!


Jess is stilla little wary of strrping up but over the past few weeks we have been working on it with toys. I got a bag of acrylic rings from the nothen parrots shop in ramsbottom and we play with them together. She really thinks they are alot of fun and has just started barfing when it gets really exciting. (ewwwww)


Toms a little tinker and i think he tries hard to be just the most wonderful bird you could ever think of. He is so laid back and will go to anyone for a cuddle, I couldn't be more pleased with him!


On another odd note, I was dubbed a crazy bird lady. (woooo)


I go for walks now and again down the canal near me in stoneclough, and as i wander up to the canal i pass a house where there is an african grey all on his lonesome ina cage with no toys. He just looked so sad that i went out and got him one.


Now I didn't really think it through, What i was going to say and all that when someone came to the door but i made up some crap about me not getting the right size toy and that i would only chuck it out if he didn't take it.


They guy seemed nice enough and he took the toy saying thanks and all that and i'll let you guys know if he puts it up in the cage.


Oh and i passed my driving test.

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CONGRATULATIONS on passing ur test.


happy to hear Tom and Jess are getting my two sennies are the same but hate sharing a cage so next to each other.

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Don't know what order to send congratulations in. :)

All three things, your birds, your passing of test and the grey...awww

Well done on all counts :D


Don't think I could pass a modern driving test :oops:

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