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red lored amazon

will it touch the harness again  

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  1. 1. will it touch the harness again

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    • no
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ok ive got ma red lored amazon beak cliped is it ment to be pointy right ? because the vet just got a nurse wrapped rocky in a towel 2 clipps and tada a flat top beak hes like "now you must get a trim perch" ok i need a £5 did i take it to some next level vet or what do i need a proper professional trim or what

i knew i shouldnt jave went ot this vet but i rlly had no choice but no im gunna go to a professional vet if ma dad agrees beacause im only 12 i wish a had a CAR


q 2


i got an avaiator harness for ma birdiei mad a loop in the head hole and put a peanut there rocky head slipped thorugh it went rough u see it like never seen a toy its potty trained screems only 1nce a day when i put my finger near my lips it stops but really i dont mind! but heres the thing will it ever let the harness touch its feather without goin wild i can hold its wings up half way for 1 min without petting it is that amazing ?? but really will it ever let the harness go on it cause i sepnt £18 on the avaiator :roll:

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I don't think your bird is going to take to the harness, it would be better selling the harness and putting the money towards seeing a avian vet once a year.


Ask your dad about taking out insurance for your bird as it will be so much cheaper if your bird is ill and needs a vet in a hurry.


I think until you can earn money yourself or your parents are happy to pay the vets bill so often needed for parrots that it would not be a good idea you thinking about getting a bigger bird like a macaw ;-




or in fact any rescue bird as no rescue would be happy to turn a bird over to someone so young, and most certainly not if your parents are not willing to pay for things such as beak trims with a qualified vet,

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think everyone is right though,please percivere with Rocky she sounds lovely :wink:

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